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What is Proof of Presence?




Proof of Presence, or PoP, is the most fundamental building block of the AR metaverse. PoPs create a trustless system that serves as the web3 foundation for games, experiences, education, communication, voting, event access, and much more. PoPs are proof to artists, museums, games, and events that you were "present" at their experience.

What can I do with my PoPs?

Pops = Special Access







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Where can I see my PoPs?

Your PoPs are viewable at any time in your account. PoPs are also NFTs, so you will see them in the wallet you used to collect the PoP.

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Can I create a PoP'able experience?

Of course, if you'd like to create a geo-fence in the world for an NFT, game, event, or other experience please visit the "Publish" page and reach out to us on Discord if you have any questions.


"It's about community, about strengthening community"

Llyr, Performing Artist

"What this app has done is created the new generation of art and community"

Alie Jackson, Artist

"You've created something that's going to change the game."

Miles Starkey, HOPE Campaign

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