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Discover and Claim NFTs in the world from your favorite artists and musicians


Find and Claim PoPs in your neighborhood to gain access to exclusive NFTs, events, and happenings from artists around the world.

What is a PoP?

PoP or Proof of Presence is a proof logged on the blockchain that says, “I was here”. Why does this matter? Claiming a PoP is akin to becoming a card carrying member of an artist or publisher community.

How do I get my PoP?

Where do my PoPs live?

After you claim a PoP, visit My PoPs to see a catalog of your past experiences, and moments you've had engaging with the world. PoPs can double as access/community token for airdrops, exclusive tickets, and events. So get PoP'n!

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For more info please reach out on Discord, or click the Intercom button.

PLEASE NOTE: NFTs placed in the world are not owned by Illust Space.


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