Chains supported

Ethereum now, Tezos in November Wallets supported Metamask currently,

check back in as we deploy more wallets

Wallets supported

Metamask currently, check back in as we deploy more wallets

Browsers supported

Chrome with metamask browser extension, Metamask android and iOS application

Can I create more than 1 scene with a single NFT?

No, at the moment we only support the creation of scene per NFT. If you decide to edit and NFT you’ve already created a scene with, the new scene will replace the old edited and published scene and will change locations to the new location.

What happens when the map gets too crowded?

We will be rolling out profiles and social accounts so that your maps are a reflection of who you follow. Please review our rollout plan to follow along.

Can I place my NFT anywhere? Do I have to pay for plots?

We believe in a fully open platform where digital art can be layered on physical space which means no payments required for placement of curated scenes. That being said, we will be implementing a social component to the map so that the user experience is specific to your tastes. You can view a specially curate world however you see fit.

I see the name of my art piece in my wallet but there’s no image, where is it?

There are two reason for this, either your NFTs not supporting the ERC-721 standard for NFT metadata or

Your NFT is a file type outside of PNG, JPEG. We working around the clock to support video, gifs, and 3D file types

Do reach out to us on intercom so we can be in touch with the project that issued your NFT so that they follow the generally accepted NFT principles

How do I get an invite to the Space?

In order to get an invite to the space you need an active user to send a tweet and to tag you. A representative from Illust Space will reach out to you with a special link to log in. Once you are logged in, our system will always log you in with your wallet.

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