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Endstate Drop 2

Endstate Drop 2

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Quantum is Endstate’s largest, most ambitious drop to date. Commanded by an entirely new sneaker silhouette designed from the sole up by our world class design team, Quantum ushers the world towards a two-state future. We call this two-state future the “Endstate,” where every physical object of value will be entangled with a digital counterpart. Quantum consists of four colorways, 250 pairs of each color for a total of 1,000 NFTs. The NFTs and physical sneakers will have variable traits, leading to several tiers of rarity. Each NFT is redeemable for one physical pair of sneakers. Quantum goes far beyond NFTs, or even just sneakers, Quantum harnesses the power of both states, providing each holder with security clearance to IRL and digital events, access to future product releases, footwear developments, and airdrops. Quantum is your passport. The Endstate is your destination.


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