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Only Seltzer’s Seven Rills

Only Seltzer’s Seven Rills

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I work with textured and purposely glitched LiDAR scans of people, the city and nature as a form of storytelling. I view LiDAR scans as a present day/futuristic form of visual capture, with roots in filmmaking as well. The post processing of these scans is akin to the film editing process. I believe Web3 allows us to spend more time watching an object or scene, allowing us to connect in a way one is not able to in traditional photography. This work is meant for the viewer to walk inside of the collage, and has purposefully been placed around the world in wide open public spaces. The work is available to view via Illust’s geomap, and each work has been minted on Ethereum blockchain. An example of these pieces can also be experienced on Sktechfab ( Onlyseltzer.eth July 2022


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